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Apple cream slices

Apple cream slices

From: Zenker


Ingredients for the sponge cake:

3 eggs
80 g sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
110 g flour
1 level tsp baking powder
a little butter for the pan

Apple topping:
1 ½ kg apples (such as Cox Orange)
4 tbsps lemon juice
50 – 100 g sugar (according to taste)
A pinch of cinnamon
1/8 l water
6 sheets of white gelatine

Cream topping:
2 tubs of cream (@ 200 ml)
2 tsps of bourbon vanilla extract
2 packets of whipped cream stabiliser

Almond brittles:
1 level tbsp butter
2 level tbsps sugar
75 g flaked almonds
1 tbsp chopped pistachios
Baking paper



For the dough, separate the eggs. Beat the egg whites until they are stiff. Trickle the sugar and vanilla extract slowly in and beat it 4 minutes more until the beaten egg whites shimmer. Whisk the egg yolks and beat them in for a short time at low speed. Mix the flour and baking powder, sift it over and fold it in with the wire whisk. 

Fill the lightly greased sheet cake spring form with the dough and smooth over.

Bake for approx. 15 minutes in a preheated oven, middle shelf, at 190 °C top and bottom heat (or 170 °C circulating heat). Let it cool for several minutes and remove it from the baking tin.

For the apple topping, peel the apples, core them and cut them into pieces. Steam the apples until soft with lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon in 1/8 l water for approx. 10 min while stirring occasionally. Soften the gelatine according to the package directions and stir it into the hot apple mixture. Place it in the refrigerator to set. Place the sponge cake base back into the sheet cake spring form (with frame). When the apple mixture begins to set, spread it over the cooled sponge cake base.

For the cream coating, mix the cream until stiff with vanilla extract and whipped cream stabiliser and spread it evenly over the apple mixture. Cool the cake before serving. 

For the almond brittles, melt butter and sugar in a pan. Add the almonds and brown them, stirring constantly. Distribute the brittles on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and let them cool.

Before serving, sprinkle the almond brittles and the chopped pistachios over the cake. Then remove the frame of the baking tin.