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Vanilla Crescent

Vanilla Crescent

From: Gerda Aurich


Recipe for 42 vanilla-crescent:
100 g soft butter
60 g sugar
1 egg (size M)
1 tsp vanilla sugar
95 g flour 
30 g peeled, finely ground almonds

1 tsp liquid butter for greasing the tin
1-2 tbsp powdered sugar to dredge
½ packet of vanilla sugar



Grease the depressions of the baking tin with fluid butter.
Afterwards put the greased baking tray into the refrigerator  for approx. 10 minutes.
This allows to smeare in the dough easily.


Put all ingredients in a bowl and stir well with an electrical hand mixer.
Smeare the dough with a scraper or spatula into the depressions of the Vanillekipferl-baking tray.
Bake the „vanilla kipferl“ in preheated oven (middle track) at 160°C (top and bottom heat) for approximately 15 – 17 minutes.
In the meantime mix the powdered sugar with vanilla sugar and put it through a strainer.
Get it cooled a bit, remove from the baking tray and immediately sprinkle some powdered sugar/vanilla sugar mix over the “Vanillekipferl”.