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The Zenker high-quality baking mould range is named Deluxe. What is truly outstanding about this range are its special features, high-quality coatings on the individual components and distinctive shapes.

Among the particularly noteworthy features of the springform moulds are their enamel bases, which are dishwasher-safe as well as acid- and cut-resistant; the moulds can even be used to serve the cake directly to the coffee table.

The springform rings have the high quality coating ILAG Premium to ensure easy demolding and easy cleaning by handwash. Its exceptional height of 8 cm makes it possible to bake unusually high cakes.

All springform bases come with a protective rim to prevent the dough from escaping in the oven.

All baking moulds in the Deluxe range are entirely made in Germany and come with a 10-year warranty.